​The Beauty of Baby Steps

​It’s probably going to take time to get you back to feeling the way that you want to feel.  Overcoming fatigue and feeling vital and energetic is a big project – and big projects usually take baby steps.

If you try to do too much at once, you’re likely to get overwhelmed and even more exhausted.  Don’t try to rush through these steps.  Take the steps slowly, working on one small thing at a time.

Go with what your energy level is right now.  There are a lot of steps in this article and I’ve tried to make them each as simple as possible – but because fatigue is a complex thing, it’s going to take many of these steps to really start seeing (and feeling) a difference.

As much as I wish there were a magic bullet for fatigue, there’s probably not.  Each of these steps, however, is a part of the puzzle, and you’re going to hit a point where things start to get better and better – and you have more and more energy!