Antepartum Care Includes High-Risk Conditions Of Pregnancy

Antepartum Care Includes

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy with associated complications. The occurrence of this pregnancy is on the rise because of various factors. Middle aged pregnancy is herself a high-risk pregnancy, which many times is associated with other medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. which make the pregnancy even more complicated. As the girls nowadays are self and career conscious, late marriages lead to late conceptions.

They want to look perfect before becoming a mother. They get cosmetic surgeries to fulfill their desire to always look beautiful. Many women in Australia have become so focused on their looks that most seek an ante partum tummy in Sydney clinics.

There’re certain problems related to pregnancy which have a higher risk of occurrence as the age of pregnant female increases.

Antepartum care includes other high-risk conditions of pregnancy like:

*Gestational hypertension


*gestational diabetes

*Rh-ve pregnancies

*Antepartum hemorrhage (abruption placentae)

*Low lying placenta

*Multiple pregnancies which are on the rise because of artificial reproductive techniques

*PolyhydramniosAntepartum Care Includes High-Risk Conditions Of Pregnancy

*Recurrent pregnancy loss

*Bad obstetrical history

*Pregnancies in a female with medical problems like heart disease


There are certain gynecological conditions like fibroids, cervical conditions, chronic vaginal discharge which can make high pregnancy risk. These conditions should be diagnosed at the earliest to have a favorable outcome.

Any pregnancy can turn into high risk when a particular risk is diagnosed during the course of antepartum checkup. So it is very important to get booked at a good antepartum clinic when you are planning your family. When you are booked, and investigations are done in preconception period, many risk factors are diagnosed during that period only, and pregnancy is managed in a better way rather than in pregnancy when the damage has already been done. If its unplanned one, still it is beneficial to be under the supervision of pregnancies doctor at the earliest possible to find a risk factor at the earliest possible and to manage in a way to yield the best maternal and fetal outcome.

At the antepartum clinic, we guide the parents to be about the course of events in pregnancy. Antenatal checkups are done at the regular interval to assess the maternal and fetal condition clinically and are supplemented with various biochemical markers. The serial growth of the baby is monitored with the ultrasonography as well. The interval between the checkups depends whether the pregnancies is low risk or high risk, shortens in the latter for the obvious reasons.

It’s important to maintain the record of antenatal visits as well as investigations to know the course of pregnancy in case of emergency. So in a nutshell, if properly planned and supervised at the good antepartum clinic by qualified pregnancies doctor, even a very high-risk pregnancy can turn out to have a smooth course with the best possible maternal and fetal outcome.

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