Ways Of Treating Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay or Early Childhood Caries, which commonly occurs in the upper front teeth, can be caused by many factors but one which is a common cause is exposing the baby’s teeth to drinks containing sugar frequently and regularly. The mouth’s bacteria use this sugar to make acids which eventually ambush the teeth.

Baby bottle tooth decay treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition and the child’s age before doctors provide the treatment plan options.

Some options for treatment are:

• Treatment by Fluoride

By using special fluoride toothpaste or professional fluoride varnish treatment, it can reverse, or even stop the decay.

• By filling

Decays limited by depth can be treated by tooth-colored filling. The decay is removed and then replaced by the tooth colored filling.

• The Pulpotomy Procedure

This procedure can be used when there is severe tooth decay with pulp exposure. The infected pulp is removed then medication is placed. A crown, either tooth colored or stainless steel is required whenever this procedure is performed.

• The Pulp Capping Procedure

This procedure can be done when the decay is moderate-severe, and without actually exposing the nerve, the decline is close to the pulp. The process is performed before placing a filling.

• If the decay is severe and has destroyed the first tooth nerves, a crown is needed. The dentist first will drill away the tooth with the decayed part entirely before filling the tooth and then covering it with a head which will repair and protect the tooth.

• Extraction

This will happen if the primary tooth is severely damaged and decayed.

Some home remedies which can be applied to treat this decay are as follows.

• Using Garlic

Because of their antibiotic and antibacterial properties, they can make gums healthy. Rubbing garlic oil on the affected tooth of a child will help reduce pains caused by the cavity.

• Cinnamon Oil

Because they destroy bacteria causing a cavity, cinnamon oil are great in relieving tooth pains. Since it is an active substance, it should be mixed with water so that a child can use it as a mouth rinse.

• Cloves

They have analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes cloves a perfect agent for reducing tooth pains and preventing spreading of cavities. Clove oil shouldn’t be used before diluting. Sesame seed oil mixed with clove oil (2-3 drops) can be dabbed gently on the affected tooth by applying the mixture on a cotton ball.

• Using Cod Liver Oil

This oil has vitamins A and D which makes it a natural cure for tooth decay.

• Turmeric

Applying a small pinch of its powder on affected teeth for few minutes before rinsing with warm water can help in teeth decay because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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