Baby’s First Dental Appointment: Exposing Your Child To Dental Care

A female dentist attending the baby's first dental appointment.

A baby’s first dental appointment is essential to let your child know how dental care saves their teeth. Generally speaking, allowing our children to receive dental care even at such a young age will make a huge difference. It will help them give importance to their teeth and will continue doing so as they grow up. Meanwhile, you can visit this link if you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Canberra, ACT.


Baby’s first dental appointment

Dental team playing with their cute baby patient.The baby’s first dental appointment is necessary to assess their dental health as early as possible. It would be best for your child to have their first dental visit when their first tooth comes out. However, please don’t do it later than their first birthday.

The appearance of their first tooth is also the sign that your child will now be prone to cavities. Tooth decay does not have age limitations. It can damage anyone’s teeth, even younger individuals.

For this reason, parents should know when they should bring their kids on their first dental visit. Furthermore, being proactive with the child’s dental health will ensure long-lasting benefits. These benefits can last up to a lifetime if they would consistently do it.


Preparation for the baby’s first dental appointment

First and foremost, you have to find a pediatric dentist who will work with you for your kid’s oral health. They are the specific professionals who focus on addressing oral issues among children. They work from infants up to young adults.

A pediatric dentist is a medical professional who has undergone sufficient training to treat children. They also know the proper approach to children to keep them from being afraid of their dental visit.

In actuality, the first dental visit is a crucial one. This visit is when your children will first meet someone they don’t know, and then their teeth will get a checkup. For this reason, you have to introduce who the dentist is and what they do before the appointment.

At home, you can initially prepare your child for the dentist. An example of this is talking to them about what will happen and explaining positively. As much as possible, avoid sharing something scary about a dental appointment.

Additionally, you can also read books or watch children’s videos to let them know how dentists help save teeth. In other words, you have to build up the dentist to your children. This way, your children will also start trusting the dentist little by little.

You can also fill out the dental form in advance. This way, the dentist can proceed with the dental checkup as soon as you arrive. Furthermore, it would also help if you prepare questions beforehand about the things you are curious about, especially if it’s your first time.


What to expect during a baby’s first dental appointment

A female dentist using a stuffed toy to show the child how she will help clean teeth.Usually, your dentist will let your children familiarize themselves with the clinic during their first dental appointment. A dental clinic that focuses on children has a different ambiance from the other dental clinics. As much as possible, they make the clinic appealing to children.

In actuality, two scenarios can happen during the dental checkup. Either your dentist will let you wait outside as they check your child or proceed with the checkup while you are with them. In most cases, the latter happens.

The dentist will let you sit in the dental clinic while your child is sitting on your lap. Then, the dentist will start checking your child’s mouth. They will begin confirming if your child’s mouth has injuries, tooth decay, or other oral concerns.

Afterward, the dentist will conduct a cleaning procedure and recommend more dental care tips to maintain your children’s excellent oral health. Additionally, your child might have dental habits, such as thumb-sucking, using a pacifier too much, or teething.

You don’t have to worry. Your dentist knows how you can work out these dental habits and make some improvements. In this case, you already know what can happen during the first dental appointment of your children.


Protecting your child’s teeth

Your child’s teeth need protection even at such a young age. Tooth decay is prevalent if there is no proper dental care. It only means that children are prone to having cavities as well. Age is not a basis of when decays can occur.

For this reason, it would be best to teach kids how to care for their teeth as early as possible. In this case, you may try applying these tips to protect your child’s teeth at home.

  • You can clean your kid’s gums using a clean, damp cloth before their teeth start to come in.
  • When a tooth starts to come out, you can start brushing the tooth using a small, soft-bristled toothbrush. Besides that, put a tiny amount of toothpaste, such as the size of a rice grain.
  • Additionally, you can prevent decay from arising in your child’s tooth if you don’t give them a bottle of milk, juice, or sweetened liquid at bedtime or before taking a nap.
  • Ensure that your child won’t have a bottle for more than 6 minutes.
  • Until they already reach the age of 7 or 8, you can still assist your child when they brush their teeth. During this time, you can let them watch you brush your teeth so they can follow the same pattern.
  • It would be best to put limitations when they want to eat foods and treats that can cause a decayed tooth.
  • More importantly, maintain regular dental checkups. The dentist will be the most welcoming person to care for your child’s teeth.

Aside from what we mentioned above, you can also watch this short video for some more tips for your child’s dental care.



The best thing we can do to care for a child’s teeth is exposing them early with dental care. Some parents may fear bringing their children to the dentist because a child might cause a scene. However, think of it as a way of saving your children from various real health issues.

Just because your children are young doesn’t mean they are not susceptible to decay. Decay is possible to anyone, whatever the age is. For this reason, early exposure with the dentist is essential.

Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about your child when they become upset during the appointment. Your dental team will surely help you out in calming your child. They will know what to do exactly in the situation.

Don’t worry. You got a good backup in there. Your baby’s first dental appointment will be a success in the end. The younger a child learns how to brush their teeth, the healthier their teeth can become.

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