Best Baby Teething Toys For 2021

baby teething toys

All parents want the best things for their little one. As your newborn develops, he also encounters milestones that you need to watch out for. You see that your baby’s gums might be inflamed or red as one tooth erupts by age 6 months. Teething requires that the assistance and guidance of your child, especially in the things that he needs to have better-developed pearly-whites.

Uncomfortable as it may be for our babies, you can do something to make teething bearable. As a parent, you can help relieve gum irritation, itching, pain, and swelling with baby teething toys. These effective teething products soothe your baby’s small gnawers as it erupts one by one.

Here are our top 5 baby teethers for 2021 that we can surely recommend, helping you and your baby during this challenging developmental period.


Best Baby Teething Toys


Best Overall Baby Teether: Sophie La Giraffe

Search the internet for the best baby teethers, and you definitely would not miss this product from Vulli. Babies just love its texture and softness. Made with natural rubber, your baby can chew it anywhere, making this teething toy gentle to your baby’s gums. Your baby can easily grip and hold the giraffe’s leg or neck.

multipurpose baby teething toysBest Multipurpose Teething Toy: Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Dentists advise parents to see them as soon as their baby’s teeth erupt. With a cute soft toothbrush as your baby’s soothing teething toy, you are taking his dental hygiene essentials to a whole new level.

Best Budget Teether: Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Not all things that your baby needs have to cost you a fortune. For example, baby teething toys may be seen in a wide range of price points but offer the same advantages. If you want to stick to your budget, this baby teether shaped as fingers with a handle plays the part very well without requiring you to break the bank.

Best Natural Teething Toy: Green Toys Twist Teether

Love an environment-friendly chewy toy for your bundle of joy? Made with 100% recycled milk jugs, Green Toys conceptualized a 3D baby teether that is colorful, soft, and easy to clean! Now you can soothe your little one and care for your surroundings at the same time!

Best Cooling Teether: Nûby IcyBite Keys Teether

Ask any moms out there about the object that their kids are most interested in when scouring their bags. They might answer in unison, keys! Nûby made this genius and eye-catching key-shaped teething toy with soft silicone materials filled with a gel that cools down your baby’s swollen gums.


Are baby teethers safe?

Of course, they are! Instead of letting your child nibble on objects that are not clean and baby-friendly, doctors suggest buying high-quality and soft toys that massage and soothe their gums as their teeth erupt. Gone are the days when parents just let their kids bite on clean washcloths or bibs. Many kinds of baby teething toys have emerged, from silicone to rubber to wood! Some even have gel-filled parts that can cool down red and swollen gums when put in the fridge before use, easing the pain your baby feels.


How to choose the best baby teething toy

Many baby product manufacturers claim that their offerings are 100% safe, baby-friendly, and worth your every penny. We have mentioned that baby teethers nowadays come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. So, how you choose which is best for your baby?


Is it durable?

You would not want to buy a toy or child essential if you are going to replace it after a week because it’s broken. You should choose one that looks and feels sturdy and firm, something that can withstand your child’s biting needs.

Is it easy to clean?

variety of baby teethers

Even before the pandemic arose, every parent has been on the lookout for the cleanliness and sanitation of their little one’s things and surroundings. Because babies need to munch on these teething toys, the assurance that they are easy to clean and are safe for your babies should be imposed.

Does it fit your budget?

Like many baby toys, most teethers are affordable. Opt for affordable ones so you can stock up and get more replacements. You should not get a very expensive teether just because your favorite celebrity’s child has one. Do not let your baby’s necessities act as your status symbol. Better yet, ensure that your baby will benefit from it.

Does your baby like it?

What good is a high-quality teething toy if your little one does not enjoy using it? Bright colors attract babies’ attention, so make sure that you get multi-colored ones. Consider its design, size, and shape. Can your baby hold it safely? Isn’t it too big or too small, making it pose a choking hazard? Put all these into consideration.


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