Notable Breast Changes During Pregnancy

breast changes during pregnancy

There are a few breast changes during pregnancy that occur even before you are aware of your condition. This is because the human body transforms itself in preparation for your baby at the very first moment of conception.

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Subtle Transformation

Among the different changes that occur, the following may go unnoticed initially because these can also occur right before you expect your period.

  • tenderness
  • sensitivity
  • bigger nipples

Since many women feel these symptoms a few days before their menstrual cycle occurs, many brushes these off as the onset of their period.

Noticeable Transformation

By the time that it may have occurred to you that you may be pregnant and you may have opted to take a test, you might notice that you are undergoing more breast changes during pregnancy. The list below includes, but are not limited to:

  • breast changes during pregnancymore tenderness and hypersensitivity
  • hyperpigmentation of nipples, areolas and maybe veins around the glands
  • more enlargement of the nipples
  • small raised bumps around the areola

These changes usually happen around the end of the first trimester and up to the end of the second. You might like to get a support bra, especially if you are already well endowed. Bra cups tend to go up a couple of sizes during pregnancy and even more right before giving birth. It is also important to select airy cotton bras since you are prone to feeling warm and sweaty when you are expecting.

More Changes

As you approach the time that you are scheduled to give birth, you might notice other breast changes during pregnancy that can be alarming if you are not aware of them.

  • leaking of colostrum
  • painful nipples
  • adjustment for breast weight

Colostrum is the primary milk that a mother produces even before birth. This is full of nutrients and protection for your unborn child. Some women do not leak before they give birth while others may notice some sort of discharge. DO NOT PANIC! You are just healthy enough to produce this even before your baby is born. Just wash it off from your breast gently (breast are hypersensitive!). You might like to wear nipple pads if you are prone to leaks.

Right before birth and during breastfeeding, your breasts are heavier which can cause some discomfort in the chest and back. A good support bra designed for maternity and breastfeeding may be the right choice for you.

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