4 Major Causes of Rotten Teeth in Children

rotten teeth in children

Poor oral health often leads to rotten teeth in children. It’s also known as tooth decay or cavity. Tooth decay is mainly caused by plaque, a tacky colorless coat that appears over the teeth. It contains bacteria and when it gets mixed with sugar available in foods, it constitutes an acid that swallows children’s teeth. If left unattained, a severely damaged tooth may become loose and fall out.  So keep your child’s teeth healthy by guiding them to a proper oral care routine. Favorable oral health in children leads to healthy teeth and gums as well as a beautiful smile.

There are several reasons for the development of tooth decay among children, but below are the four major ones.

4 Major Causes of Rotten Teeth in Children

1. Poor Dental Health

Children need to brush regularly and properly to eliminate plaque and maintain their teeth strong and healthy. For proper dental health, kids need to brush at least two times daily along with flossing. If possible, book an appointment with a dentist at least twice a year for professional dental health clean up.

2. Unhealthy Diet

Adopting a diet high on sugar and carbohydrates can also lead to tooth decay because these foods often cling on the teeth. Sugar is also a food for bacteria and the more bacteria into the kid’s mouth the more acid in their mouth. rotten teeth in children

If children’s diet contains plenty of sugary foods and they don’t brush regularly with proper care, then they can experience a quicker disintegration of their tooth enamel, the outer part of their tooth.

3. Arid Mouth

If kids’ mouth does not produce enough saliva through their salivary glands to wash away those plaques and bacteria, they could develop more plaque and acid in their mouth enhancing their risks of rotten teeth.

4. Dental Crevices

Rotten teeth can also develop if kids’ dental crevices are too deep. It can cause hindrances for the children to brush their teeth effectively. If plaque develops in these areas of their mouth, it can erode their tooth’s surface.
Applying a dental adhesive to kids’ healthy teeth might prevent the plaque build-up into their mouth.

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