Classic Cesarean Section

classic cesarean section

Cesarean Section, commonly known as C-section, is a delivery method in which surgery is used. The baby is delivered through a uterine incision. This method of delivery is often practiced when the vaginal or normal delivery would put the mother or baby at risk. Prior to a surgical incision, surgeons need to use an autoclave to keep his instruments clean to ensure the mother and the baby’s safety from any infection.

There are two kinds of surgical incisions that can be performed. Following the incision made on the abdomen, the doctor or the medical practitioner will further make another incision on the uterus. The commonly performed incision is the low transverse incision. In this procedure, the doctor makes an incision on the abdomen, from one side to the other. The classical cesarean section is used for preterm fetuses or when quick delivery is needed. In the classic cesarean section, a vertical incision is made on the abdomen. classic cesarean section

When a longitudinal or vertical incision is made, there is more room for the delivery of the baby. The classic cesarean section has more complications as compared to the low transverse incision. A woman who has undergone the classic cesarean section is always advised to have a similar surgery in any other later pregnancy as the longitudinal incision has a very high chance of rupture in the course of labor as compared to the low transverse uterine incision. A number of women prefer having the low transverse incision also known as the bikini cut because after it heals, the scar can hardly be seen. There’s also less pain after the surgical procedure.

There are a number of reasons why the classic cesarean section is used. If there is little access to the low uterine section, due to insufficient development, this type of incision is used. Another indicator for performing this kind of incision is non-reassuring fetal heart rate, anterior placenta previa, cervical cancer and obesity. If by any chance a woman still considers having a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) it is highly recommended that she has a low transverse incision if there are no indications for performing the classic c-section.

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