Getting Dental Implants while Pregnant – Is It Safe?

dental implants while pregnant

When talking about dental implants in general, studies have confirmed that it is not only safe to healthy individuals but an effective procedure to replace missing tooth as well. As we all know, any missing tooth should be replaced right away to prevent oral cavity problems and bone loss and to maintain that healthy smile. But there’s a question raised by many women – is it safe to have dental implants while pregnant? This dentist near Gosford explains why dental implant surgery is not good during pregnancy.

While pregnant women are strongly encouraged to have a regular oral health assessment and basic procedures like cleaning, dental implants while pregnant is not recommended. Although it’s said that it can be done after the first trimester, most dental surgeons would prefer for the patient to wait after pregnancy.

Why Pregnant Women Should Wait After Pregnancy

In many cases, pregnant women after their first trimester are allowed to undergo regular dental treatments such as teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, fillings and crowns. While it’s said that local anaesthesia is 100% safe during pregnancy, the use of dental implants though requires stronger anaesthesia and this can pose a huge risk not only to the pregnant mother but to the baby as well.

Another risk for the soon-to-be mother when having dental implants would be those procedures like x-ray due to radiation exposure. As we all know, too much stress is a no-no to a pregnant woman since anxiety can trigger elevated blood pressure and other health problems. Moreover, stress can also be a causative agent of low birth weight and preterm birth.

Any kinds of surgery can also cause fear and worry. Hence, to avoid this kind of experience, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to wait until the baby is born before they can have dental implants installed to their teeth.

Dental Implant Preparations

Although the installation of dental implant is not recommended during the pregnancy stage, you can however start preparing for it so you can have a head start right after you’ve given birth.

dental implants while pregnant

During your second trimester, you can actually book for an implant consultation. Since an x-ray procedure is safe at this stage, your surgeon can already assess the condition of your jawbone and know if a bone graft is needed before installing the implants. It is also at this stage when you can also book for an appointment as to when you’ll be having the implant procedure.

Post-Pregnancy Preparations

The best way to make sure you’re prepared for the procedure is keeping and oral cavity healthy, even while you’re still pregnant. Since pregnant women are prone to hormonal changes, there is a risk of having gum disease. The chances of suffering from tooth decay are actually higher among pregnant women. Therefore, they’re strongly advised to routinely brush and floss their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. Finally, they should not forget to have regular dental check-up. This allows their family dentist to evaluate their oral health and prevent any future dental problems from happening.

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