Dental Work while Breastfeeding – Is it Safe?

dental work while breastfeeding

Are you one of those new moms who get anxious because of the need to undergo dental work while breastfeeding? What if you have severe dental caries that your dentist advised you to have root canal, but you’re on your breastfeeding stage? This is actually a common scenario for breastfeeding mothers. To know more, feel free to read this site. Or, you can continue reading this article.

Dental Work while Breastfeeding – Is it Safe?

Since you’re still on lactation stage, it’s normal for you to be hesitant with regards to taking medications. You have that fear that it might hinder the growth of your baby. To make sure that the medications are safe to take, always consult your dentist. Inform the provider and you’re on breastfeeding mode. That way, you will be given proper treatment that doesn’t disrupt your breastfeeding.

dental work while breastfeeding

When you’re experiencing pain from tooth decay, chances are, your dentist will recommend dental fillings or root canal therapy if the damage has reached the tooth’s pulp. Part of this treatment would be to take analgesics and antibiotics to minimize the symptoms and prevent gum infection.

While most dental procedures are safe to undergo, there’s a possibility that breastfeeding will be temporarily suspend while taking any medications. This is to give assurance that any side effects will not harm the mother or the baby.

Dental Procedures

If a numbing agent is needed for a procedure, your dentist may administer lidocaine. Fortunately, this drug won’t compromise your breastfeeding and won’t harm your baby. Be informed that even tooth removal won’t require you to stop breastfeeding. However, it’s best to temporarily stop nursing your baby until the effect of the anesthetic agent has fully subsided.

Nitrous Oxide and Sedatives

If the sedative of choice is valium, feeding your baby can be resumed the moment you’re fully awake. There’s no need to worry as the amount of the sedative in the breast milk will be very minimal and does not compromise your baby’s health. Other medications used for dental sedation are very safe as well.

Diagnostic Examinations

Commonly, x-ray and fine needle aspiration are the diagnostic procedures used to measure the severity of the tooth decay. These do not compromise your breast milk. Breastfeeding can be immediately continued after the test.

Use of Dental Products

There are a lot of dental products available which have been proven safe even to breastfeeding mothers. Mouthwashes, mouth gels and products like Oraldene, Medijel and Corsodyl are completely safe.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to postpone procedure for cosmetic purposes. For example, teeth whitening may involve chemicals that may cause adverse reactions to the baby.

For safety purposes and prior to undergoing any dental procedure, it’s always best to inform your dental practitioner that you’re currently feeding your baby through breastfeeding. This reminder also applies if your dentist has prescribed any medications. The safest method is always to consult the provider.

As you can see, you’re not alone in this scenario. There are countless mothers who also want to know if dental work while breastfeeding is safe. So don’t be afraid to tell this to your dentist.

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