Dental xray when pregnant: Is it safe?

dental xray when pregnant

Dental procedures, if necessary to maintain dental health, exempt no time and scenario. This means that even pregnant women can avail of their dentist’s necessary dental treatments and services while carrying their child. Sandstone Point Dental advises pregnant women to book a check up regularly so that their overall dental health may be monitored and preserved. But there are some instances where the dentist would request for a dental x-ray to fully assess the teeth and recommend the correct treatment. Is a dental xray when pregnant safe? Would it cause any bad effects on the mother and child?


Dental procedures when pregnant

dental x-rayIf you are in need of a dental treatment, it is easy for you to just show up and allow your dentist to work on you, right? But once you are pregnant, there suddenly becomes a cloud of uncertainty as to whether anything is safe for the baby. You begin to wonder if there are certain things that a dental procedure would do to affect the baby in a negative way. Is there any truth to this?

Generally speaking, no dental procedure, except for cosmetic in nature, can ever be damaging or cause negative effects on a pregnancy. Regular check-ups and preventative dental procedures are even recommended, not only by their dentists, but also their OB-GYNs as well. It is known that a woman’s body changes while pregnant, so hormones can affect the health of the dental cavity, especially the gums. So is a pregnant woman needs to visit her dentist, no one will stop her from doing it.

When should a pregnant woman not see a dentist?

We may say that pregnant women should not stop seeing their dentist. But there are always exemptions to the rule. For one, if the mother has a sensitive first trimester, she would be advised to wait until she gives birth so that complications during pregnancy would not be pinpointed to any dental procedure. Also, if the patient is on her third trimester already, her dentist may also recommend waiting until she gives birth so that premature labor and delivery may be prevented. Because we all know that sometimes, dental treatments may cause sensitivity and sometimes pain, and the mother may contract during the procedure, causing the baby to be in distress, thus premature labor ensues.


Is dental xray when pregnant safe?

This is another exemption to the rule, although based on the claim of the American College of Radiology that no single diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose considerable enough to cause unfavorable effects to the mother and child. Moreover, no study about x-rays was shown to affect the health and safety of the embryo or fetus, but dentists would normally advise the pregnant woman to delay the dental procedure just to make sure that no dental procedure or treatment can cause any abnormality to the baby when born. If the procedure is really necessary, a dental xray when pregnant is harmless, provided that the mother wears appropriate protective shielding.

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