Detailed Information on Baby Tooth Abscess

baby tooth abscess

It’s truly important to care for your baby’s teeth from the start in order to ensure the health of their general dental wellbeing. A failure to do so may lead to infant tooth problems and amongst them is a baby tooth abscess.

A baby tooth abscess is common and is usually caused by a severe tooth infection. The infection starts spreading when a tooth starts to decay. This infection gradually spreads to the roots and finally affects blood vessels in the affected area. Pus starts collecting in the sac beneath the tooth as infection intensifies. The affected area becomes extremely painful and sensitive.

Since babies are not able to adequately disclose their feelings, a tooth infection is usually not discovered in the early stages but later on after the infection intensifies. The infection is likely to affect adjacent teeth leading to more spread. The most prevalent symptoms of dental problems are loss of appetite and loss of weight. The appetite regains when the pain and sensitivity reduces.

Causes of baby tooth abscess

Parents significantly contribute to tooth decay in babies since they allow their kids to sleep as they suck their milk bottles. To add salt on a fresh wound, some parents add sugar to the milk making it more palatable encouraging their kids to drink even more. Carbohydrates in milk starts reacting with saliva in the mouth. This reaction leads to the corrosion of the tooth enamel leading to tooth decay and finally tooth abscess. baby tooth abscess

How to prevent baby tooth abscess

This can easily be prevented by giving your baby some water just before bed to cleanse the mouth off milk and other food stuffs. It’s also wise to rub the gums of your toddler with a soft piece of cloth to remove germs that stick between gums and teeth. If your kids are well grown, always ask them to gently brush their teeth and gargle with some salty water before bed. Salt is naturally a germicide that prevents infection and decay. Salty water will also significantly contribute to drawing out pus and hence reduce pain and discomfort that is experienced by a kid.

With proper care, babe tooth abscess can prevented successfully.

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