Does Pregnancy Medicaid Cover Dental

does pregnancy medicaid cover dental

Many changes happen to an expectant mother’s body. Hormones are changing, moods are heightened, hunger and cravings are all expected. But one thing that most people do not know is that pregnancy increases the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. If you are experiencing tooth problems during pregnancy, this dentist near Eastwood offers family treatments, visit their clinic today.


While pregnancy itself does not directly affect oral health, it is the shift in hormones in a pregnant woman’s body that would affect the body’s response to plaque.


Does pregnancy Medicaid cover dental treatments?

does pregnancy medicaid cover dentalThe answer to this is both yes and no. As with other types of health coverage, if the purpose for the treatment is cosmetic, meaning the treatment will be used to make the patient look better, it will most likely not be covered by Medicaid. However, since Medicaid is aware that pregnant women are more susceptible to teeth and gum problems, they offer coverage to prevent the oral health of the expectant mother from deteriorating.


Here is a list of what may be covered for pregnant women under Medicaid


Fillings. To make sure that there will be no infections that can spread. 


Teeth cleaning. To prevent gum disease.


Emergency wisdom tooth removal. This is not guaranteed, but can be covered if it can be

proven that it is medically necessary.


Root canal. To stop the spread of infection to other teeth.


The key to avoiding bad oral health during pregnancy would be to keep healthy habits. Brushing and flossing regularly, as well as eating the right food will ensure that teeth and gums stay healthy, even during pregnancy. Regular visits to the dentist would also be crucial. In a nutshell, if a pregnant woman has practiced good oral habits even before getting pregnant, it will be unlikely that she will experience oral problems at all.

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