Effects Of Thumb Sucking

Effects Of Thumb Sucking

It seems like every kid these days has either used a pacifier or sucked his or her thumb in order to stay content. Many parents wonder about the habit of thumb sucking and how it will affect the teeth that are going to be growing in. Most of the time, children will grow out of this phase before much damage can be done to the formation of teeth but other times kids will continue on in these habits for years. Here is some information on what thumb sucking can do to alter normal bite development and if you are looking a professional advice about it, you can search on dreppingdentists.com.au site for reference on how to deal with it for your child’s dental issue in the near future.

Thumb Sucking

First of all, understand that thumb sucking is a very natural thing for kids to do. Some children actually suck their thumbs or fingers while inside of the mother’s womb. These techniques are used to help kids become more comfortable with their surroundings and help them to relax. By about age 3 or 4, most kids give up this habit and bite formation remains normal. Kids who continue this practice by the time permanent teeth come in are usually the ones that end up having issues.

Some of the effects of thumb sucking on a child are that the jawbone can be completely reshaped. This is because the jawbone is still pliable and soft in this stage and can still be molded. The teeth that begin to grow in are usually misaligned and not positioned properly because of the thumb sucking. On the bottom of the mouth, the teeth will be pushed inward.

This can lead to a change of the palate of the child which can result in even more changes. It may cause the child’s tongue to have a poor placement in the mouth and affect the way that the child eats. It can become hard to chew and swallow properly. When the tongue is out of place, it can be difficult to swallow because it is not able to seal off as effectively as if it had been in the right location.

These kids might also have some trouble with their speaking and could even end up having an open bite or some kind of overbite. Because of the palate change, kids might also have their tonsils collapse and be prone to snoring.

Because of all of these issues, you should teach your child to not suck their thumb after the age of three. If necessary, get professional help so that you can avoid this problem

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