Heart Problems During Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Pregnancy is one of the most significant phases in a woman’s life. She is elated with the joy that a new life is forming inside her. Yet, these nine months are a real challenge for every woman for all the discomforts and pains she has to go through.

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During pregnancy the woman should keep her mind always with tension-free otherwise, it leads to a serious problem during pregnancy. After confirmation of pregnancy, we should plan and execute correctly with the regular checkup and gather more information from respectable doctors Some of the heart problems during pregnancy

  • Hypertension is not automatically created it is due to stress or tension generating in women though. And it is nature all women generally have tension during labor but it can’t be avoided completely, can be controlled with proper guidelines. The high blood pressure generates during labor or after both of them is dangerous to women. There are different reasons to mention for the development of hypertension during pregnancy this is classified as types of high blood pressure they are
    • Chronic Hypertension
    • Gestation Hypertension.
    • Preeclampsia

pregnant heart problemThe combination of preeclampsia with hypertension is the high risk of a factor during labor. Chronic hypertension-it is quite unbelievable because it will start to generate when you confirmed you’re pregnant and continue before 20 weeks of baby development. This can be controlled with proper medication and consulting health care consultant. This will also create due to a history of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Gestation Hypertension – it is opposite to chronic but severe more than it. It will present after 20 weeks of baby development and will be deployed for future and reduced after giving birth. This gestation hypertension will lead to preeclampsia.

  • Heartburns and indigestion- When a woman is pregnant, the pressure of the uterus falls upon her stomach, pushing the consumed food up the esophagus. This is the primary reason for frequent indigestion and a burning sensation in your chest, around the heart.

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