How to ease wisdom tooth pain while pregnant

how to ease wisdom tooth pain while pregnant

The last few teeth that break through your gums are known as the wisdom teeth. They develop at the extreme back of your mouth. There are usually a total of 4 wisdom teeth, with one present at the furthest top and bottom corners of the gums. Wisdom teeth can become painful, but they often heal by themselves. Sometimes it may require active management at home or visit to a dentist. In a few cases, it may even need surgical intervention. If you think you need a surgical extraction and you’re insured, you can visit a bulk billing dentist in Sydney, Australia so you won’t have any out of pocket expense at all.

How to ease wisdom tooth pain while pregnant

If your wisdom teeth are causing gum pain or they are painful itself, you may decide to remove them. But, what if you’re pregnant? Is it safe to go for tooth removal at this stage of life? Will it harm you and your baby? These are common concerns that may haunt you.

The good news is, dental professionals know ways on how to ease wisdom tooth pain while pregnant. In fact, they can recommend you some medicines that are safe for your condition. They will not harm you or your baby. Gums and teeth issues are prevalent during pregnancy causing discomfort. Wisdom tooth pain is triggered by changes in hormones at the time of pregnancy. Your gums become more swollen, irritable, and sensitive during this period.
The second trimester is the suggested time to go for surgical intervention if you need one.

Home management to ease pain how to ease wisdom tooth pain while pregnant

Before going to your dentist, you can manage painful wisdom teeth at home. Use the following methods to get relief:

•Use of clove oil
•Ice packs
•Soaked tea bags (after cooling)
•Rinse with salt water
•Onion paste

Try to avoid over-the-counter medicines (pain killers) during pregnancy to reduce pain. Acetaminophen is regarded as safe during pregnancy to manage pain. Maintaining good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing will help to limit the gum problem. Avoiding sugary foods and drinking adequate water will also lessen wisdom teeth problems.

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