Invisalign While Four Months Pregnant

4months pregnant

Invisalign is a modern technology for traditional braces used to straighten teeth. The issue of having Invisalign when pregnant is a concern for most women in the present day. To know more visit the webpages of specialized Invisalign Clinics in Australia | Perth | Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne.

Pregnancy can prove to be a very sensitive period and can be affected by even the tiny things. Since every pregnancy is special in its way, Invisalign experience can be different for every woman. Two significant issues raise concern when administering Invisalign treatment during pregnancy;

  •  x-ray
  •  Pregnancy symptoms

Generally, before getting the Invisalign treatment, a jaw x-ray has to be carried out. The jaw x-ray is to help the doctor check the teeth structure before surgery.

Now, the issue of having x-rays while pregnant raises a lot of concern, with a group of scientists believing that x-ray can’t affect your pregnancy. Most people, however, think that x-rays can in one way or another affect your fertility. Not many pregnant women would want to risk their unborn baby’s health. It’s therefore preferable to have the x-ray taken just before the pregnancy. For already expectant mothers, this is a decision to consider carefully.

invisalign while pregnantAnother issue that arises with Invisalign during pregnancy is the pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness can be a nuisance especially in the first trimester between the first and third month. That’s why it’s more advisable to have the Invisalign while four months pregnant after the morning sickness has elapsed. These pregnancy symptoms like throwing up end up affecting the effectiveness of Invisalign.

Most women have testified not being able to have the Invisalign on for the entire hours required, hence having to prolong their treatment period. High appetite during pregnancy is another symptom that affects this treatment. Expectant mothers find the urge to continuously snack throughout the day. The problem is that with every meal, the Invisalign has to be removed, weakening its impact.

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