Is foot massage during pregnancy safe?

physio helps with foot massage to pregnant

During pregnancy, the body experiences a number of changes such as swelling of the feet. It is then when any kind of discomfort becomes painful and when it happens to the feet, women want to rub their feet so as to relieve the pain. Foot massage for pregnant women can turn hazardous when done by inexperienced personnel but when done by a person who is trained and competent to do so, it is therefore safe and effective.

This chiropractor in Kogarah helps with remedial massage and recommends it should be done by a specialized personnel since there are parts of the feet when pressed hard can lead to a number of complications such as preterm labor, rise of blood pressure termed as foot massage during pregnancy for swollen legspreeclampsia, pitting edema where the common swelling tends to disappear temporarily when pressure is applied and blood clotting in the veins located deep in the feet, this complication is known as deep vein thrombosis. To avoid these complications, massage for pregnant women should be done with much care and avoiding parts that could trigger these risks when pressed.
During foot massage, there are three main parts that should be avoided, they include; Urinary bladder 60 located on the outside behind the ankle bone, Urinary bladder 67 located near the toe nail of the baby toe and Sp6 Acupressure point located above the inner ankle bone.

Despite the risks involved, pregnancy foot massage has a number of advantages such as; it helps avoid considerable swelling of the legs, it also helps improve the bond between the baby and the mother since the fetus responds to the massaging sensation, it also helps in restoring mental balance since it brings about calmness and relaxing of the mind.

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