Is it Safe To Have Dental X-Ray While Pregnant?

dental x-ray

Many people have a feeling that taking dental x-ray while pregnant can risk the life of their child, but in fact taking one can be really beneficial if you wish to know about tooth decay and related problems which may affect the development of your child’s growth. The woman usually eats favorable foods during the period of pregnancy, thus there is a high chance for development of acidity in their mouth and increased risk of tooth decay. Gum inflammation and bleeding in gums are problems to worry about and are related to hormone changes taking place in a woman’s body during this period. Taking a dental x-ray during the pregnancy period can help resolve dental decays and inflammations which are proven to be risky for the unborn child. Appropriate care complete with medication must be taken to reduce acidity in the mouth. There should also be some control over the type of foods taken by the pregnant woman.

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x-rayDental x-rays most commonly involve small doses of radiation that have many preventive measures including a thyroid guard which makes scanning secure for both the child and the woman. Taking dental x-ray while pregnant is considered completely safe only after the first trimester. Major growth of the child and development of fetus takes place in the first trimester. Anesthetics are usually used when undergoing any dental surgeries but in the case of a pregnant woman, it may be dangerous. Anesthetics relieve pain during surgery but contain chemicals which can affect blood vessels, leading to uterus contraction and can disturb the flow of nutrients to the child.

Sensitive teeth during pregnancy period can be due to hormonal changes taking place. The body reacts to oral bacteria in a different way during this time period resulting in sore gums. X-rays can only help provide detailed information about those parts where there is the need for diagnosis and treatment. Taking dental x rays don’t increase the chance of miscarriage or possibilities of birth defects and mental problems.

A woman already affected with dental problems can avoid cavity fillings and root canal during pregnancy to reduce the chance of infection. The ionizing beam of radiation from x-ray scanners can only be dangerous if used to diagnose sensitive tissues like the uterus. Dental x-rays don’t have the chance of causing radiation on reproductive organs and can be considered completely safe.

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