Newborn baby born with teeth

newborn baby born with teeth

Teething is an essential part of a baby’s development after a few months from it’s birth. However, in some occasions, this might not be the case. A newborn baby baby born with teeth happens. This isn’t strange or something  that you should worry about because the baby can still be as healthy. Although in most cases, baby teeth start to poke from the gums at age four to seven months after birth, statistics show that there is one newborn baby born with teeth among every two thousand births.  In fact, these type of teeth that poke before the baby is born are known as natal teeth.  According to there are four medical causes and prevalence of natal teething in babies.

Natal teeth are mostly experienced from the following;

1. Babies born with irregularities in calcified tissues.

Calcified tissues are the tissues responsible for teeth developing in baby.  This is a medical issue that can cause natal teeth.

2. Sotos syndrome

Sotos syndrome is a disorder related to genetics characterized by tremendous physical growth at an early age. This excessive growth commence at infancy to early teens. The children with this Sotos syndrome tend to have the natal teeth at birth. This type of disorder varies from one baby to another. Sotos is not a life-threatening illness.

3. Hallerman-Streiff syndrome newborn baby born with teeth

This is a type of disorder that affects the dental, cranial and hair development. this type of congenital disorder happens rarely. Statistics show that there are less than 200 people living with this type of disease in the world.

4. Pierre Robin and Ellis-van Creveld syndrome

Pierre robin malformation is another abnormality that causes natal teeth in babies. This condition is linked to abnormalities related to chromosomes 17,11 and 2. the syndrome can be recognized immediately after birth where the baby respiratory complications and the baby has the cleft palate that is of u- shape and wider.

The risk factors associated with natal teeth include:


This happens when a mother to the unborn child experiences malnutrition. This can affect the baby she is carrying and results in having natal teeth.

Here, the baby born with teeth gets it from the genetics of the family members who might have natal teeth when they were born.

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