Why Does Your Child Need Pediatric Dental Care?

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Children need to receive pediatric dental care as early as their baby tooth erupts. This is to ensure that their teeth will emerge properly and that their permanent teeth will not be affected if they have dental problems. The objective of pediatric dentists is to treat misalignment, overbite, and underbite before they even cause damages to the teeth. Bring your kids to Mint Dental Care near Double Bay for complete dental care specially designed for children.


What Is Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric dental care is a specialty in dentistry where dentists practice oral care specifically for children. Children can receive dental care starting from infancy up to their teenage years. The dentists in this specialty have specific experience and qualifications to provide the utmost care for their young patients.

When can a child start visiting the clinic? Dentists suggest that babies need to have their first dental visit as soon as their primary teeth erupt. Baby teeth typically emerge during their 6th month.


Services Of Pediatric Dentists

Dentists for children provide comprehensive oral care for children which includes the following:

  • Dental care for babies, to assess if they are at risk of certain oral problems
  • Preventative dental procedures such as professional teeth cleaning
  • Diet recommendations
  • Correcting unhealthy habits like thumb sucking
  • Early prevention and treatment for misalignment and other dental imperfections
  • Cleaning tooth cavities to prevent decay
  • Early diagnosis of diseases that are commonly related to dental symptoms.
  • Managing gum diseases
  • Pediatric dentists also proved care for children with injuries caused by accidents


Why Is It Important

parents supporting daughterAs a parent, your child’s dental health should be one of your priorities. It’s important to bring them to a certified pediatric dentist regularly to guarantee that their permanent teeth will erupt properly. This is also a preventative method to save your child from tooth decay which often leads to tooth loss.

Aside from prevention, children need to visit their dentist regularly for them to learn the importance of oral care. Pediatric dentists are specially trained not only to treat children but also to teach them proper oral hygiene. This will encourage your child to be more concerned about the health of their teeth.

As for the parents, pediatric dentists are also providing some expert tips to teach them how to take care of their child’s teeth. In some cases, committed dentists also recommend diet plans for children with weak teeth.


Ages Treatable By Pediatric Dental Care

Infants and babies. Even though their teeth are not yet fully developed, babies need pediatric dental care as well. Babies are commonly diagnosed with tongue-tie, an early visit to the dentist will help you find the appropriate specialist for your baby.

Toddlers. Toddlers are most vulnerable to injuries because of their hyperactivity. Bringing them to the pediatric dentists will prevent severe injuries from occurring if in case they get in an accident.

School-age kids. Professional dental care does not stop at the toddler stage. It should most certainly continue when your kid reaches the school-age period.

Teenage years. To ensure that your child gets the best dental care, make sure that they still visit their pediatric dentist’s office during their teenage years. Teenagers mostly receive orthodontic treatments like dental braces.

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