Pink Eye During Pregnancy

pink eye during pregnancy

This ophthalmologist in Melbourne explains that the pink eye also referred to as conjunctivitis, is a common condition that occurs to pregnant women. It mostly affects the clear mucous membrane of the eye, which is used to cover the white surface and lines located inside the eyelid. Although a pink eye during pregnancy may not be a serious condition, it’s irritating and painful, which may require medication.

Symptoms of pink eye

• Itching or burning in the eye
• Swelling in the eyelid
• Pain and irritation in the eye
Redness in the eye

Causes of pink eye

The common causes of a pink eye during pregnancy among women are
a) Bacteria
The bacterial pink eye leads to a yellow or green discharge from the eye. Pregnant women affected with a pink eye resulting from bacteria may wake up with their eyes stuck shut due to the accumulation of the discharge. Antibiotics are the recommended treatment for this.
b) Virus
Viral pink eye causes redness in the eye with no/clear discharge coming from the eye. Viral pink eye mostly affects both eyes and are immune to antibiotics. Saline eye drops are the preferred medication for this.
c) Allergy
An allergen may also lead to a pink eye and mostly occurs during the springs. The eyes are always red with no discharge and may become itchy. Use of over-the-counter allergy eye drop is the preferred treatment for this.
Pregnant women are advised to visit the doctor for treatment in case they get this infection. This is because the pink eye may sometimes lead to severe problems if ignored. Besides, the doctor will prescribe the right medication that will not affect the development of a growing fetus.

In conclusion

Good hygiene practices are the best recommended ways of preventing pink eye. Avoid sharing personal items such as facecloths and towels. Use soap detergents to wash your hands and throw away any cotton balls or tissues that have come into contact with eyes.

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