Pregnancy And Childbirth – What Are The Three Trimesters?


One of the most important things to consider when you are expecting a mother, or if you are planning to become pregnant shortly, is to understand the concept of the three trimesters. These three stages are what a woman undergoes during the miracle of the pregnancy process. Information about
pregnancy and childbirth is important for a pregnant woman because knowledge is power. Usually, the pregnancy usually takes from 38 to 42 weeks. This can be confusing, because most people say that the pregnancy is about nine months, depending on whether the pregnancy is normal or complications at home.

In short, information about pregnancy and childbirth will help you prepare and prepare for the time when your newborn baby will arrive, regardless of the stage of the trimester in which you are. Pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last menstrual period, which takes into account extra time. Pregnancy and childbirth are a source of fascination for the human race, for the simple reason that we are talking about how we continue to develop our population, now at an exponential level. Here are some tips and explanations for this time of development of your pregnancy, called trimester.

Your pregnancy is divided into three terms. The first trimester of pregnancy is the first 12 weeks. This is the key moment when the woman’s body wins; the small child begins to take shape. It is a good idea to
take a lot of extra supplements and prenatal vitamins as soon as you find that you are pregnant to ensure a natural and healthy growth of the fetus in your uterus. Obviously, you should also refrain from drugs and alcohol during the entire nine-month period. Fetal development in the first trimester occurs quickly, and your body goes through a huge change between the concept of your pregnancy and the time of birth. Staying healthy and eating nutritional supplements, you are likely to be deprived of the possibility of miscarriage. While most miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, many women have a
successful pregnancy at the first attempt.

In the second trimester, weeks 13 to 26, it is considered more convenient of the three trimesters. This is the time when the woman began to acclimatize for the child because now the child grows in size, the opposite of his primary education. Some women may feel more relaxed, regardless of the fact that ongoing testing will continue, including ultrasounds, which will help determine at some point the sex and health of the child. Some women will still have nausea and morning nausea in the second trimester, but more often than not, most women will feel healthy and healthy. Throughout your second trimester, women should continue to visit their doctor once a month if their pregnancy progresses normally. And, of course, this is the trimester where your pregnancy begins to manifest when your stomach begins to expand.

The third trimester – from 6 to 9 or weeks from 27 to 40 years, women – the third trimester. Weight gain during this time is normal and natural. Usually, most women get at least a pound a week before birth. Because of their increase in size, most women experience problems with night sleep, since the expansion of their abdomen causes some discomfort and awkwardness, especially during sleep hours. Other symptoms include leg cramps, and some women begin to flow colostrum and also have trouble sleeping, which is not directly related to the inconvenience of the child inside. The third trimester is the time when sleep is the most contested part of your pregnancy and childbirth, maybe what you expect from exhaustion.

Regardless of the trimester, pregnancy is a boldly beautiful and troubling time. Knowing that the result will be a beautiful baby for nine months spent during pregnancy is the goal that helps women continue to work in all three trimesters, especially during the actual delivery time, which can be extremely painful and difficult for some women. Since the three trimesters has their own development goal, taking the fruit that will ripen in babies that we see every day, pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most amazing experiences that a person can experience and is a blessing to all women who will survive this holy time.


  1. This one makes everything clear. Yes, we are all aware that a woman usually carries a baby in her womb in a period of 9 months but this is the first time that I’ve heard about the trimesters. A big help for those who are going to be a mommy soon.

  2. Good thing to know when will your baby develops based on the process of these three trimesters of pregnancy. Men should also know this.

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