If you are pregnant dental care is more essential

Being pregnant is one of the most lovely and exciting periods and experiences in the life of a woman. It still comes with some perils and complications. Modern medicine has advanced significantly in the last few centuries. Pregnancies have become much safer and secure for both mother and child. The mortality rate for both has dipped significantly. The amount of every third child that died during birth is luckily long ago forgotten. But still, pregnant women should do some things with special care and Chatswood GP clinic for pregnancy check up can definitely help. Pregnant dental care is also one of the things that should be paid attention to.

Many expecting women ask themselves, ”How safe is a visit to the dentist in my condition?” But studies have shown that it is not only safe, but it should also be welcomed. During the pregnancy, the hormones in the women’s body make drastic changes. Those changes affect tooth and gum health. They can lead to swelling or even bleeding.

Gum disease can turn into gum infections. Those can have a very serious effect on pregnancy. It has been shown that gum infections can even lead to preterm births. That makes preventive dental work essential during pregnancy.

The regular kind of dental work, such as treating cavities should also be pregnant dental caredone. Cavities much like gum disease can cause infections. The first and second trimester and good for serious dental work, the second one is the best option. The third trimester is not a good time. The amount of time spent laying in the chair on your back could lead to premature labor.

Any other type of dental work that could have even the tiniest risk for the baby should be avoided.

Medicine such as anesthetics can lead to unwanted side effects. The studies on this aren’t conclusive, but the most recent one tend in this direction. If dental treatment must be done it would be best to minimize the amount of anesthetic medicine.should

An x-ray exam is unwelcomed during pregnancy.

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