Root canals while pregnant

root canals while pregnant

Pregnant women are prone to health problems as their immune system is compromised. Though teeth and minor gum problems are common, some serious issues like dental cavities may crop up and require a root canal.  If you’re pregnant and you have dental issues, a team of dentists in Sunbury, VIC explain the kind of dental care that’s safe for you and your baby and one of which is a root canal treatment. Although the treatment of the root canal poses no danger to the fetus, you should first know of the possible risks associated with the procedure.

Possible risks of root canals while pregnant

X-Ray effect

X-ray on itself poses no danger to the fetus since it’s localized to the mouth. Also, a pregnant woman undergoing an x-ray is given a lead shield to protect the radiation from reaching the fetus.

• Anesthesia risk

The pain associated with root canal requires anesthesia to be administered. Pregnant women are usually given a small dosage to ease the pain. However, you can ask for more anesthesia to be applied if you still feel pain. Pain during pregnancy causes stress, and stress to a pregnant woman is not ideal for a developing fetus.

Chemicals used during the procedure may not pose any danger, the same as the prescribed antibiotics to help with infections.

The best approach of  root canals while pregnant root canals while pregnant

Problems associated with postponing root canal for a more extended period can have a more adverse effect. This is because infections may spread to the gums and teeth, which may lead to prolonged intense pain.

Obstetrician recommends a root canal for pregnant women during the second trimester. If you are on your first trimester, you may be required to postpone it to the second trimester. The third trimester is also a delicate period, and the root canal is not advisable, as it may become strenuous to lie on the back for a long time. This will require postponement until after birth.

In conclusion

Simple dental procedures like tooth whitening should be postponed until birth. It’s good to avoid any unnecessary risks to the baby. On the other hand, the root canal can be done perfectly safe during pregnancy. You should give all your pregnancy details to the dentist so he can choose the strategy for your treatment.

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