Safe Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy

safe teeth whitening while pregnant

Teeth bleaching when pregnant can really pose a challenge due to the fact that both professional and over the counter products (the OTCs) carry questionable ingredients/chemicals. Typically they contain toxic hydrogen or Carbamide peroxide which can be ingested during the process. Normally, the chemicals are caustic to cells and they can harm a developing baby. Some physicians advise that it’s essential to wait until you’re done with delivering and breastfeeding before you indulge into it. But if you’re really eager to get a teeth whitening while pregnant, it is best to consult a dentist in Liverpool nsw as they can answer all your queries.

There is actually a certain method of safe teeth whitening while pregnant that can help you shine up your smile without putting yourself or your born/unborn baby into danger. The method uses a teeth whitening gel that has been made from natural and organic ingredients. The gel contains a low level of bleaching agent and they don’t pose any risk during pregnancy. The gel safely whitens your teeth within a matter of days.

The gel’s ingredients include:

• The coconut oil which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory safe teeth whitening while pregnantproperties that assist in eliminating the plaque that causes yellowing of the teeth.
• A Xylitol which brightens and prevents the bacteria from sticking to teeth thus reducing the risk of tooth decay
• Hydrogen peroxide is a safe bleaching agent with a strong oxidizing property that helps in correcting tooth discoloration.

For those patients who have sensitive teeth, they should consider using the peroxide free version.

The procedure:
• Brush the gel on your teeth until it has spread in your buccal cavity.
• Wait for around 5-10 maintains before rinsing your mouth.
• Then, carefully rinse your mouth.
• Repeat the procedure for a few days so that the teeth whitening can be successful.

In order to avoid discoloring/staining your teeth, you should avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea and dark juices like a grape juice. Lastly, despite the fact that the gel is made from all-natural ingredients, it’s important to consult with your dentist before using it so that he/she can assess your condition.

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