Tamiflu and Pregnancy

Is it safe to use Tamiflu during pregnancy?

Usually when we suffer from the flu or some cold symptoms like a cough, tonsils or anything we consume some prescribed drugs. But the flu is different from these severe issues. It should be treated as soon as possible. The Tamiflu is a drug prescribed by the doctors to fight flu or prevent it. But the question here is that is it safe to use Tamiflu during pregnancy. Well, pregnancy is the most fantastic time in a woman’s life. They are extra conscious about their normal daily activities from eating habits to bed schedules. Consuming any drug during pregnancy can be dangerous not just for the mother but also the baby inside her womb. To know more about this Tamilflu, contact an oncall doctor in Sydney Clinics.

The Medical Science rated the Tamiflu as C category for pregnant women. Which means they can use it during pregnancy only if there is no risk involved with the pregnancy. There is no huge risk involved if you take Tamiflu at the time of your pregnancy whether to treat flu or prevent it during pregnancy. But there are some side effects of it like Vomiting, Stomach pain, diarrhea or if you are a mother with sensitive skin the risk is higher for skin infections like rashes, itching, shaky movements and swelled lips, eyes etc. But keep in mind that Tamiflu is the one fighting against the viruses causing flu, but it should be taken in the best way prescribed for the best result.

The flu during pregnancy can include symptoms like fever and illness. It can even cause premature labour and delivery. Sometimes it is essential to prevent the flu before high risk occurs which might leave you back to the Tamiflu though it doesn’t have significant risks and can be used as prescribed by the doctor. It’s better to talk to your doctor before taking anything, or whatever you feel inside your body discuss every symptom with the doctor because pregnancy is a gifted pleasure by god, so you need to be extra safe and thankful.

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