Teeth Braces And Oral Care

Dental visit

Braces put on a child’s teeth for any given length of time may cause long-term issues like discolorations around the bonded areas. Additionally, cavities can develop under the braces. However, establishing good oral care routines for your child can prevent any damage caused by braces.

brushing of teethRegular brushing with toothpaste and proper rinsing

It is the duty of every parent to ensure that children take care of their teeth especially those with braces on. They should have their child brush three times a day and ensure thorough rinsing of the mouth to loosen any food particles held in the braces. Lodging of food behind the braces creates pockets of potential tooth decay. Therefore, good brushing habits and excellent oral health are inseparable.


Observing dental hygiene away from home

Brushing and rinsing after lunch while at school is a good oral care habit for your child. Packing a travel toothbrush and toothpaste ensures the child will create time for dental care while away from home. Toothpaste has chloride which strengthens teeth and prevents discolorations. Therefore, brushing often keeps the dentist away and helps your child maintain healthy teeth.



Flossing helps to remove plaque (which may harden to form a hard yellow deposit) under the gum and any food debris left between teeth after the last meal. It is hard for children to successfully floss with your braces on, but parents can help them reach for those nooks left in the teeth after a meal.


A periodic visit to the dentist

A check-up and cleaning procedure done by your child’s dentist should be carried out every six months. The dentist is in a better position to point out areas that are growing weak. Additionally, the dentist can clean around the braces with much ease. The dentist can also forward ideas on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy while still in braces.

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