Teeth Hurting While Pregnant

pregnant teeth pain

Being pregnant is a great and magical experience in the life of a woman. There are, however, lots of challenges which one faces during this delicate period, This is mainly due to the body changes which tend to occur rapidly during pregnancy.

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It is therefore very imperative to be informed about these changes, so that you may be aware of them as they come. The changes that affect the body include those that affect the teeth and gums. It shouldn’t surprise you since during this time your mouth also undergoes changes which may cause your teeth to hurt. What’s important is to know these changes so that you can healthily handle them, to protect yourself and the baby.

pregnant teeth hurtTeeth become extra sensitive during pregnancy; Due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the blood, the blood volume increases, hence more blood is pumped to the teeth and gums, the result is the extra sensitivity than usual.

Tooth pain; To some expectant mothers, the extra sensitivity caused by the increase in the volume of the blood quickly alleviates to pain. The pain can be felt on the teeth and some other parts like the gums, grinding of teeth also results in pain because of the sensitivity factor. Loose teeth; This can make women freak out, especially if it’s their first pregnancy. It is usually directly connected to the pregnancy since most of the muscles are relaxed. This includes the gums which are the reason one feels the loose teeth, and once this is combined with hypersensitivity, it makes the mother anxious.

More Cavities; This is another reason expectant mothers have their teeth hurting while pregnant. The mouth tends to develop more cavities during this experience. These are among the factors leading to the pains felt; other factors may include swelling gums which will also cause pain. What you should know is that teeth hurting while pregnant is a normal experience with no reason to worry. Just keep yourself healthy for the benefit of the baby.

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