What’s Behind the Toddlers’ Teeth Grinding?

toddlers teeth grinding

You may notice your kid constantly moving his or her mouth while asleep. This can be accompanied by the sounds of grinding the teeth. This is a sign of toddlers teeth grinding. To know more, you can find a good dentist near Wollongong or any dental professional who knows how to fix it.

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is something that occurs for different reasons. Based on studies, children may begin to grind their teeth at six months or later when their teeth start to come in and again at age five upon eruption of the permanent teeth.

While most toddlers outgrow teeth grinding, there are some scenarios when the parent may need to seek additional treatments for protection of the child’s teeth.

What’s the Cause of Toddlers Teeth Grinding?

Around three out of ten kids grind or clench their teeth. It most commonly happens while asleep, but it can happen when the child is also awake.

Some of the reasons of teeth grinding are:

  • Teeth misalignment
  • The child may be doing to for pain relief.
  • There may be an underlying condition or is under medication.

In older children and adults, teeth grinding can be a manifestation of stress or anxiety.

What are the effects of bruxism?

In most cases, teeth grinding is not a harmful habit, and can even be outgrown. Sometimes the greatest impact to this is a parent extremely worrying about the grinding sound that the child is making.

For other children though, teeth grinding can cause jaw pain. A baby may not be able to tell you the exact cause of discomfort, frequently rubbing the jaw can be a good indicator.

When is it time to see a doctor or a dentist?

If your child seems to be grinding his or her teeth all the time, even while awake, you may want to make an appointment with the dentist or doctor.

The health care provider can look at the child’s teeth for signs of wear and tear, like chipped enamel or broken teeth. The dentist will also check for teeth misalignment, which could indicate why your child is grinding their teeth in the first place.

What are the treatments for teeth grinding?

toddlers teeth grinding

Among older children, teeth grinding that cause significant pain or tooth misalignment can often be addressed with a night guard. These are thin, flexible pieces of plastic that slip over the upper gums to protect the teeth from damage. Nevertheless, the toddlers’ teeth constantly changes, which affects the guard’s ability to fit well.

A common habit that you should not do is waking your child up when you hear teeth grinding. This could potentially worsen the symptoms and can even affect your child’s ability to get a good night’s rest.

The typical treatment for teeth grinding is leave it as it is. If you suspect that stress or anxiety could be the potential cause, you can try to establish a daily routine with your child. This could include incorporating special snuggle time or reading time before bed so they can feel calm and comforted before going to sleep.

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