Tooth Loss During Pregnancy

tooth loss during pregnancy

Pregnancy has been linked to various oral health problems that often lead to teeth loss if not treated early. Good thing there are dental solutions for tooth loss and you can find them at Tooth loss during pregnancy occurs due to the various changes occurring within the body during this period such increase in the level of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, reduced dental care and change in dietary habits all of which can lead to various dental problems that cause tooth loss. These include;

Development of gum diseases

Gingivitis, an inflammatory disease of the gums can develop in the second trimester during pregnancy characterized by swollen, reddened, and bleeding gums. It occurs due to the increased levels of progesterone hormone that enhances plaque formation and the growth of gingivitis causing bacteria. If not treated, gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease which causes gums to recede away from teeth leading to loose teeth that fall off.

Pyogenic granuloma, a type of pregnancy gum tumor that also develops in between teeth during the second trimester characterized by red lumps. They develop as a result of increased plaque formation on teeth that can lead to tooth loss.

Increased tooth decay associated with dietary changes

This occurs due to the dietary changes during pregnancy involving cravings that may constitute foods with more sugar content and snacking all the time. This promotes tooth decay-causing bacteria to thrive within the mouth which eventually leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. tooth loss during pregnancy

Increased vomiting as a result of morning sickness

Vomiting associated with morning sickness exposes teeth to so much acid which erodes the enamel and harbors plaque formation and bacteria growth. This causes tooth decay which can lead to tooth loss.

Poor oral hygiene

Pregnancy can lead to extreme exhaustion which can make it difficult for regular brushing and flossing. This causes bacteria to accumulate within the mouth causing infection and tooth decay leading to tooth loss.

To prevent the occurrence of tooth loss during pregnancy, it is recommended to;
•Practice good and proper oral hygiene including brushing and flossing regularly to keep off bacteria.
•Going for regular dental checkups.
•Eating a proper and balanced diet with low sugar content foods.
•Rinsing the mouth with water or mouthwash immediately after vomiting to avoid enamel erosion.

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