Is Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy Normal?

yellow discharge pregnancy

One of the more unusual symptoms of early pregnancy that doesn’t get a lot of attention is vaginal discharge. During the early stages of pregnancy, white or pale yellow discharge is actually normal! Of course, there are some indications that can come along with yellow discharge pregnancy symptoms that can be cause for concern, but it’s important to understand why it happens and what to look for before you become alarmed.

What is yellow discharge and why does it happen?

In early pregnancy, and even sometimes throughout pregnancy, vaginal discharge can increase and can take on different textures to what you’re used to. Increased hormones and blood flow, along with a change in the makeup of your discharge, can lead to sticky, white or pale yellow discharge pregnancy symptoms. Part of the function of the discharge is to increase the protection your cervix provides to the gestating baby, and partly the texture changes due to the hormones and other bodily chemicals involved in softening the environment to prepare for birth. So it can be absolutely healthy and normal, nothing to worry about.

When should you be concerned?

yellow discharge pregnancyKnowing that pale yellow discharge pregnancy symptoms are normal, it’s also important to note that there are some key indicators to show that your discharge change is caused by something more dangerous. If you experience itching, unpleasant smell, burning, a change to green color, or cottage cheese-like consistency, these can be signs that you have an infection and this must be taken care of by a doctor.

Discharge is often an alarming symptom, and yellow discharge can be alarming if you haven’t heard about it as a normal pregnancy symptom. But as long as your discharge doesn’t take on the traits associated with different infections, you can rest assured that it’s just another part of growing a baby.

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